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Halibut - "meat rig"

Halibut - "meat rig"

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 Halibut - "meat rig"

Elevate your halibut fishing experience with the unparalleled performance of the Meat Rig Halibut Fishing Rig. Specifically designed for serious anglers, this rig offers superior strength, durability, and attraction, ensuring you land the big catch every time.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Glow-in-the-Dark Bait Baskets:
    • Two bait baskets keep your bait in the water longer knowing you don’t have to check after every nibble
    • Mini bait basket
    • 2oz bait basket
    • Provides optimal bait presentation
    • Maximizes visibility in low-light conditions, attracting halibut even in the deep, dark waters
  2. Big River 10/0 Hooks:
    • Comes with two 10/0 hooks
    • Ideal for securing the toughest halibut
  3. 49-Strand Vinyl SS Cable:
    • Built with ultra-strong 49-strand stainless steel cable
    • Vinyl coating ensures longevity and resistance to the harsh marine environment
    • Copper crimps securely hold the hooks in place
  4. Heavy-Duty Construction:
    • Mainline constructed with over 300 lb mono for exceptional strength
    • Equipped with aluminum clips for a durable long lasting rig
    • Heavy-duty swivels prevent line twists and ensure smooth performance

Whether you’re a professional angler or a passionate enthusiast, the Meat Rig Halibut Fishing Rig is your go-to choice for a reliable, high-performance setup. Designed to withstand the most demanding fishing conditions. 

Get your Meat Rig Halibut Fishing Rig today and gear up for your next big adventure on the water!

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