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Vittle Vault -max

Bait Basket

Transform your deep sea fishing experience with our cutting-edge Bait Baskets designed with Halibut in mind. Available in both ultraviolet and glow-in-the-dark options, these bait baskets are designed to attract more fish, making your fishing trips more productive and enjoyable.

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Vittle Vault - fast

Bait Basket - micro

Transform your fishing experience with the Bait Basket - micro, a versatile tool designed to enhance your lure or create your own custom lures with ease. Add a spinning scent cavity to any lure and give it more action in the water with the Bait Basket - micro.

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Vittle Vault - slow

Bait Basket - mini

Maximize your fishing success with the Bait Basket Mini, a versatile tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of your fishing lures. Whether you're freshwater fishing or tackling the depths of ocean bottom fishing, the Bait Basket Mini  is engineered to provide an irresistible scent trail that attracts more fish to your line.

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Vittle Vault - mini


The ultimate fishing lure for slow water, plunking, and drift fishing. Revolutionize your fishing adventures with our advanced bait cavity fishing lure. Designed for versatility and effectiveness, this lure features a unique bait cavity, a self-balanced design, and a wobbling action to attract more fish in slower waters. Perfect for bank fishing, drift fishing, and more, this lure is your new go-to for a successful Salmon fishing trip.

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Vittle Vault - MiniMax