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Vittle Vault -max

Vittle Vault - fast

Vittle Vault - slow

Vittle Vault - mini

Vittle Vault - MiniMax


  • FAQ

    What pound test leader should I use? Use 30# to 50# monofilament leader.

    Should I use bait? For best results the Cut Plug, place a small chunk of bait (herring) on the forward hook. For the Vittle Vault, use tuna (blood-line or belly), herring chunks, or gel scent.

    How fast should I troll? It's not really about the speed, but more about the action of the lure.
    Speeding up, slowing down, and turning often will improve success.

    What type and how many hooks should I use? Rules will ultimately dictate what you can use, but double 4/0 or 5/0 hooks work great!

    What is the best leader length? 48" is the "sweet spot", but you can experiment with different lengths.

    Are they soft or hard plastic? They are hard plastic and they also float.