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Bait Basket - Micro

Bait Basket - Micro

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Transform your fishing experience with the Bait Basket - micro, a versatile tool designed to enhance your lure or create your own custom lures with ease. Add a spinning scent cavity to any lure and give it more action in the water with the Bait Basket - micro.


Versatile Use: Easily enhance any of your lures to make them more attractive to more fish. The basket can be filled with your favorite bait or scent. You can also use it as the head of your own custom lures or in front of a hoochie.

Easy to Use: The bait basket features a simple to use and clean bait cavity that is attached inline just above your lure.

Added Action: The Bait Basket - micro is a great way to add action to your hoochie or skirt style lures. The fins on the outside of the bait basket give an added spinning effect.


  • Dimensions: 1 x 0.5 inches
  • Color: Available in Ultra Violet and Neon
  • Package includes: 4x Bait Basket - Micro's

For Setup and use instructions take a look at our blog: Mastering Salmon Fishing with Vittle Vault Lures: A Comprehensive Guide

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